Commercial Printers Incorporated, formerly Walton Printing Company, was purchased at auction on the Columbus, Georgia courthouse steps.

Litho-Krome became a registered trademark in Georgia.

Litho-Krome reproduced the photograph "Wine And Cheese" by Victor Keppler, for the Harris Press Company. It won 1st place in the New York Art Directors contest of color lithographs. This lithograph is part of a permanent exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution.

Tom Morgan introduced the "Litho-Krome Black" at the convention of the National Association of Printers and Lithographers, ( NAPL ).

After years of doing business for 4 different greeting card companies, Litho-Krome made the decision to print exclusively for Hallmark Cards. "A decision we never regretted" (Tom Morgan).

Hallmark Cards completed the purchase of Litho-Krome Company on December 18th 1979.

Litho-Krome purchased their first 40" perfecting press, a 7 color 40" Heidelberg.

Art Reproduction began producing Fine Art Digital Giclees. "Harbour Town", by Linda Hartough was the first piece reproduced.

Litho-Krome moved into "The Print Center Of Excellence" facility.

Celebration of 50 years of partnership with Hallmark and 25 years of Hallmark ownership.

Implementation of Stochastic Printing in the press room.

Litho-Krome wins the prestigious "Ben Franklin Award" at the International Print Competition sponsored by PIA – GATF. The "Benny" is the printing industry’s highest award. The achievement was for the Art Reproduction of "I Know Thee Not" by Liz Lemon Swindle.

Litho-Krome wins its second "Benny" for the Art Reproduction of "Cowboy Morning" by Chris Owen.

Litho-Krome wins its third "Benny" for the art Reproduction of "The Word Of God" by Mian Situ.

To satisfy the need for small quantity, custom card orders, Digital Print On Demand capability was launched.

Litho-Krome earns United Ways "Spirit Award" symbolizing the spirit for an outstanding employee campaign.

​​Celebration of 75 years of printing excellence.

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