Founded in Columbus, Georgia in 1933 by visionary, artist and offset lithography innovator J. Tom Morgan, Litho-Krome Company quickly established a reputation for quality work, innovation, and a willingness to search out and use cutting edge technology. Under Mr. Morgan’s guidance, Litho-Krome’s reproduction of Victor Keppler’s “Wine and Cheese” was chosen for permanent exhibition in the Smithsonian Institution as a premier example of modern lithography.

In 1979, Litho-Krome combined with another industry leader, becoming a subsidiary of Hallmark Cards. True to form, Litho-Krome brought its heritage of utilizing cutting edge technology as well as the inspiration gleaned from industry pioneer Morgan to this new relationship, introducing a wide array of innovations and new processes into the production of greeting cards.

Given this pedigree, it is only natural that Litho-Krome would cultivate a skill for creating high-end art reproductions. It is also only natural that Litho-Krome would quickly become recognized as an industry leader, collecting the distinguished Gold Award from the Printing Industry Association of Georgia for the past five years, as well as currently standing as one of the largest producers of Giclée prints in the nation.

But Litho-Krome’s contribution to Giclee Printing and Offset Lithography for art reproduction cannot be measured by awards and volume of production alone. As always, the drive to produce a better product is paramount and currently manifests itself in a group of services which include image management and proprietary substrates, as well as solutions from the age-old problems of color integrity and consistency of product.

Our history is one of leadership within the industry and our commitment is to remain true to our legacy. To that end, we opened a new facility in 2003—the first in Muscogee Technology Park—and we continue to seek out new technologies for Giclee Printing and Offset Lithography. Our heritage is our future.


The Litho-Krome Company is a growing, customer focused organization that delivers precision solutions for business partners that expect perfection. Our people are skilled craftsmen that utilize state of the art technology in a world-class facility. We are pioneers in our craft and take pride in delivering innovative print products with award winning quality. The Litho-Krome Company is "THE Print Center of Excellence."


Litho-Krome employees are dedicated to their company and their craft. We emphasize training and certification to develop new employees and ensure we remain at the highest performance levels. We use various vehicles to communicate performance information to employees about individual, department, and company performance. This enables collaboration to solve business issues and accelerate excellence. Though we have diverse backgrounds and experiences, we unite our talents to serve our business partners and enhance our competitiveness. We provide growth for our employees through craft-related training, cross-training opportunities, and the posting system, as well as through leadership-related projects and programs. We set clear goals and objectives and evaluate performance regularly, frequently, and consistently. Through this focus, Litho-Krome employees are engaged in their business and dedicated to excellence.


The Litho-Krome Co. was founded on the principle of unparalleled color reproduction fidelity. We are the Quality printer for Hallmark Cards and Fine Art Reproduction. Our employees are highly competent in their craft and are focused on exceeding the High Quality Standards set by America’s “very best” card company and the critical eye of the finest artists in the world. We believe mutual partnership, regular feedback, ongoing continuous improvement and superior product build stronger customer relationships. Our Quality systems (preflight tools, standard operating procedures, sampling procedures, etc.) assure that only the highest quality product is shipped. The mindset at Litho-Krome is ‘Quality at the Source’ and ‘Prevention vs Post-Inspection’. We believe that “High Quality” is in the character of our employees and in the culture of the organization; and is not easily duplicated. This gives us a long-term competitive advantage in the marketplace. A dedication to High Quality and Excellence isn’t just a company objective; taking pride in the quality of our work, is in our name at Litho-Krome.


The Litho-Krome Co. is a growing, customer-focused enterprise that delivers precision solutions for business partners that expect perfection. A principle reason for our existence is to provide our parent company Hallmark Cards, with consistent delivery of greeting card production in a timely fashion. We have a long history of 100% service to our parent company, Hallmark Cards. Hallmark Subsidiaries and the largest US Art Publishers also trust our company to deliver print solutions on time, every time.


The Litho-Krome Co. is “THE Print Center of Excellence”. We are guided by two very fundamental philosophies, “Honesty of Purpose” and “Honesty of Execution”. In other words, we reproduce honest work, honestly. We place a high priority on developing lasting business partnerships across the entire supply chain in order to leverage “high value-add” opportunities with low cost options for our customers. Litho-Krome Co. competes in a global marketplace by utilizing state of the art technology in a world-class facility with superior talent. LK people (our greatest asset) are skilled, experienced craftsmen that use innovative methods and a continuous improvement process to stay ahead of the competition.

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